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" Sales begin long time before the salesman picks up the phone "

Features of industrial marketing

What are the main features of industrial marketing?
Let’s start analyzing the way that a company makes a decision in industrial procurement. Sales arguments, objective and subjective influencing methods have their purpose, too. A buyer manager can be easily convince by an old business friend, a professional salesman from a partner company maybe only for old time‘s sake, but… But he has to offer some solid sales/ buying arguments, with number and facts to convince his bosses and colleagues about the opportunity of the procurement. These sales arguments can be numbers, information about the products, its capacity, commercial terms, logistics and support.
We cannot pretend from a purchasing manager, even the most correct and loyal one, who (influenced emotionally by some happy food TV ads) just bought some snacks or desert for his child at 8 am, when taking him to school, and in half an our to take a major decision regarding a procurement only based on numbers and technical data. And don’t forget the personal influence of the highly trained sales force.
Sales forces’ importance in business to business marketing. Let’s make a comparison FMCG market vs. b to b market. On FMCG markets the most useful and efficient communication channel (till now) is mass advertising. On the industrial markets personal relationships, personal selling is very important. You can have the perfect product, at very low price, but if the sales forces don’t work properly and don’t build long term partnerships you’ll never have success. We cannot forget that salesmen or sales engineers who offer high tech product or special business services at high value for procurement managers or executives need special skills, product and technological knowledge and wide experience. Their profile could be very different from an “avon lady”, salesman offering food and beverage for small neighborhood shops or a simple salesman who sales for the population.
Other features of business to business market:
– less buyers, but with high impact
– closer seller – buyer relationships
– professional procurement (decision making)
– more sales visits
– indirect demand influenced by the consumer markets
– unstable demand, geographically focused

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