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Why a company needs a strategy or a long term plan?

“If you don’t develop a strategy of your own, you become a part of someone else’s strategy.” Al.Toffler

If we don’t develop a strategy for our company the chances to develop or even to survive are seriously decreasing. Just like a traveler which doesn’t make plans for his trip he probably won’t get to his dreamed place or the worst scenario he’ll be lost.

What are the main advantages of doing plans?

– it stimulates the management and executive staff to a more efficient work

– a better market position for the company

– stimulates the interdepartmental cooperation

– helps keep the organization flexible

– it controls responsibility, by following deadlines for each department and staff

– helps every manager think, decide, and act more effectively

– indicates to management how to evaluate and check up on progress

toward planned objectives.

– it leads to socially and economically useful results.

Anyway, the strategy development process itself forces managers and consultants to make deep analysis of their business and markets, to think with the customers mind, to evaluate many factors for success (market, human, financial, technical etc.).

Every time when a few “key player” is involved in the strategy development it is proven that they’ll be more involved in implementing the same strategy and also they’ll help the top management in convincing the whole staff to follow the plans.

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