Industrial marketing - business to business marketing

" Sales begin long time before the salesman picks up the phone "

Business to business sales forces

Personal selling is the oldest way to marketing. Ancient China, Egypt, Phoenicia, Rome was helped to develop by the traders, who based their profit mostly on personal selling.

In the last 150 years the market changed, and new forms of selling were introduced. We can mention self-service shops, catalogue selling. Most of them decreased the importance of personal selling. The products’ presentation and buying became more and more impersonal. Anyway in the beginning 21st sales forces are still the major factor of a company’s success on market.

Sales forces in industrial marketing are the major communication and selling channel. The key to success or failure.

We must not forget anyway, that the various marketing functions—sales force, advertising, customer service, product policy, market research—must work together. All of these functions must be parts of a focused marketing strategy and coordinated from the customer’s point of view.

Sales forces in business to business fields are in permanent contact with the customers, they are the company’s “eyes and ears”.  This is very important that they pick up information missed by other means and do this systematically. Marketing department must coordinate their effort to gather every significant data of the market: new product, new trends, prices, customers’ behavior and needs, competitions’ moves. And the most important thing is to analyze these INFORMATION and USE IT.

In order to achieve all the objectives (including sales target) a professional sales representative must have the following characteristics: very good communication skills (personal, technical), professional competence in his specific field (steel products, high tech, building or real estate, machinery etc), courtesy, reliability and responsiveness.

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